Student Enrolment

School Tours
An individual school tour with our Principal or Assistant Principal can be arranged on request.  Please contact the office on (03) 9772 4139. 


If you wish to enquire about enrolling your child, please email and include the following information:

  • Parent Name/s
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s Date of Birth
  • Residential Address
  • Current Kindergarten (if commencing Foundation next year) or; Current School (if transferring enrolment in Levels 1 to 6)
  • Other Relevant Information (i.e. reason for choosing CHPS if you do not reside within the zone, does your child have an older sibling already attending the school, does your child have any special needs, etc.)

A school representative will respond to advise when a school tour can be arranged. 

We are proud of the exciting learning opportunities available to our students. Our curriculum is comprehensive, challenging and offers an innovative approach to the delivery of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards and AusVels.

Our Strategic Plan highlights priorities in Literacy and Numeracy, Student Engagement and Wellbeing & effective Transition and Learning Pathways for all students from Foundation to Level 6. Our teachers deliver a high quality, comprehensive seven-year program. We provide opportunities, which enable all students to achieve their full potential within a curriculum that supports the individual learner.

Information Communication and Technology is a high priority in our school and is fully integrated within our curriculum from  Foundation to Level 6.

Our facilities include:

  • A completely wireless environment which supports the use of iPads.
  • All year levels have access to class sets of iPads which are connected wirelessly to the internet.
  • Interactive whiteboards, digital cameras and flip video cameras are used by students and teachers to further enhance the incorporation of technology into the learning.

Our fully computerised Library is housed centrally.  Enhanced learning opportunities are promoted throughout the whole school social and academic development programs; “You Can Do It”, “Restorative Practices & Circle Time” and Wilson McCaskill’s “Play is the Way”.


The commitment of our staff enables us to provide a range of co-curriculum programs.  These include biannual whole school musical and art shows, integrated camps and excursion/incursion programs, Foundation to Level 6 swimming classes, Student Leadership Program from Levels 4 to 6, inter-school sports, Life Education and organised visits from professional sporting identities - AFL footballers, soccer, basketball, cricket and hockey to name a few. 


Foundation 2022:


Further information is available for Foundation Parents in our Foundation Parents Handbook, including;

  • Term Dates  
  • The First Month of Foundation                                                            
  • What does my child need on their first day?                                                      
  • Eating Times for Foundation Students                                    
  • School Buildings & Grounds Map                                      
  • What happens if my child is sick?                                             
  • How does my child get to and from Before and After School Care?                                        
  • The CHPS Foundation and Level 5 Buddy Program                                           
  • What does learning look like in Foundation?                                        
  • Specialist Programs                                    
  • Frequently Asked Questions  

The Foundation Parent Handbook as well as information and dates for our Foundation Transition Program (which occurs later in the year), will be provided to families once student placement is confirmed, in Term 3.


A broad overview of our school is available for Foundation to Level 6 Parents in our Whole School Parent Information Handbook.


Enrolling your child

Enrolments are now being taken for 2021 and 2022. To be eligible for Foundation enrolment in a Victorian State Primary School, a child must turn 5 on or before the 30th April of the year they commence school. 

School zones

Our school zone is available on which hosts the most up-to-date information about Victorian school zones.


Students residing in this zone are guaranteed a place at our school, which is determined on the basis of your permanent residential address.


The Department provides guidance through the Placement Policy to ensure that students have access to their designated neighbourhood school and the freedom to choose other schools, subject to facility limitations.


You can find more information and answers to frequently asked questions on the Department’s website under School zones.  


We look forward to welcoming your family to our school community.  We trust that it will be a rewarding and exciting time for you and your child.


Please bring the following documents to school when enrolling:

Enrolment Form Information for Parents, Guardians and Carers (including privacy collection notice) *Before completing the Enrolment Form, please read this information and keep a copy for your records.


1) Enrolment Form Foundation to Level 2 OR Enrolment Form Level 3 to Level 6 (click on link, print, complete and sign)

2) Copy of Child's Birth Certificate (we can photocopy the original for you in the office)


3) Child's Immunisation History Statement - Medicare/MyGov (this can be emailed to the school and we can print for you)


For your information:


Whole School Parent Information Handbook

Schools' Privacy Policy