Performing Arts

Welcome to 2021 and another exciting year in Performing Arts at Chelsea Heights Primary School.


2021 is a MUSIC year at our school.  We rotate our Scope and Sequence to ensure that during their time here, all of our students experience all three core subjects of Performing Arts - Music, Dance and Drama.




One year the students focus on Music and the next year is our Production year, where the focus is on Dance and Drama.  Every year we also put on a fun and energetic Christmas Concert and Graduation song for the year 6 students.


Semester 1 2021 – All students from Foundation to Level 6 have been learning about the 6 Essential Elements of Music:

(Beat, Rhythm, Pitch, Tempo and Dynamics).  We explore these elements through use of Percussion Instruments, mainly Boomwhackers, Desk Bells, Mini Eggs, Xylophones, Glockenspiels and Rhythm Sticks.


We are using a mixture of different pop songs, traditional music, rock and classic music and cultural music across all of the year levels.


The Senior Students are given the opportunity to expand on the 6 Essential Elements to learn about music appreciation and history, spending a portion of each lesson listening to songs from different genres, history, cultures and societies.


It is a fun and colourful time in MUSIC in 2021!