Senior Sub School (Level 5 & 6)

1:1 iPads

Every Senior Sub School student has an individual iPad, enabling teachers to teach using 21st century technology. Individual iPads maximise learning opportunities by providing instant access to information anywhere. Teachers have carefully selected apps they think will be most beneficial for Senior Sub School students. Students have particularly enjoyed exploring the apps; making imovies and explaining their understandings in explain everything. 



Our Level Six leaders have settled in to their new roles with enthusiasm. They are proudly wearing their new leadership badges presented at a special assembly. Our student leaders are made up of school captains, marine ambassadors, organisation leaders, sustainability leaders, fundraising leaders and promotions leaders. The leaders are in charge of the four committees, made up of Level Six students. All Level Six students have a responsibility within a committee that assists the school. The organisation committee makes rosters and organisers teams and activities for tabloids sports. The sustainability committee are working towards making our school more sustainable through promoting recycling, nude food lunches and more sustainable practises. The fundraising committee selects causes close to our community and raises money for chosen projects. The promotions committee works hard to promote any school events that may be happening.


In Level Five, the focus is on personal leadership and developing leadership skills. During the second half of the year, students may apply for a leadership passport. The leadership passport is to be filled with leadership stamps that are awarded for recognition of consistently displaying qualities of organisation, responsibility, confidence, teamwork and public speaking. 



In Senior Sub School there is strong emphasis on reading comprehension skills and expanding students’ vocabulary. Each weekly text is based on the terms enquiry unit. Comprehension questions are a mix of literal, inferential and evaluative. 

We endeavour to prepare students for secondary education by having strong numeracy skills.



Level Five students are all given a prep “buddy”. The buddy program is designed to assist preps in settling in to school life particularly outside in the playground. The big buddies ensure their little buddy has someone to play with, they know where things are, and assist them to get to their line at the bell. 


Interschool Sport

Level Six and some Level Five students participate in interschool sport every Friday. During the first semester we compete against local schools in volleyball, basketball, touch rugby and cricket. The emphasis is trying new sports, participating and having fun.



Our homework policy states that Senior Sub School students will complete approximately 45 minutes of homework per night, 5 nights a week. This 45 minutes is made up of a weekly homework task sheet revising class work, nightly reading and discussion of text, practice of weekly spelling words and practice of times tables or automatic recall of number facts. Students are required to keep a log of the homework that is completed.