WEL001 Code of Conduct
WEL002 Complaints Policy (2020)
WEL002 Complaints and Concerns Flowchart (2020)
WEL002 Complaints & Concerns Form (2020)
WEL004 Class Structure and Student Placement
WEL005 Sunsmart
WEL006 Healthy Foods
WEL007 Student Engagement and Inclusion
WEL008 Programme for Students with Disability
WEL009 Uniform
WEL012 Student Files
WEL013 Community Helpers
WEL015 Photographing and Filming Students
WEL018 Restraint of Student
WEL019 Confidentiality
WEL020 Child Safety Responding and Reporting Policy (including Mandatory Reporting) (2020)
WEL021 Communication of School Policies
WEL022 Duty of Care Policy (2020)
WEL023 Critical Incident Plan
WEL024 Child Safety Policy (2020)
WEL025 Attendance Policy (2020)
WEL026 Bullying Prevention Policy (2020)
WEL027 Yard Duty Supervision Policy (Students and Parents) (2020)
WEL029 Mobile Phone Policy (2020)
WEL030 Personal Property Policy (2020)
WEL031 Communication with Staff Policy (2020)

CUR004 Literacy
CUR006 Mathematics
CUR009 Health and Physical Education
CUR011 Sustainability
CUR012 Homework
CUR013 Library
CUR018 Incursions
CUR022 Home Reading
CUR023 School Philosophy
CUR024 Curriculum Framework
CUR024 Whole School Curriculum Plan
CUR025 Camps and Excursions Policy (2020)

MED001 First Aid Policy (including arrangements for ill students) (2020)
MED002 Health Care Needs Policy (2020)
MED003 Asthma Policy (2020)
MED004 Anaphylaxis Policy (2020)
MED004 Anaphylaxis Management Appendices
MED005 Administration of Medication Policy (2020)

OHS010 Bicycle and Scooter Safety
OHS011 Jewellery
OHS016 Sexual Harrassment
OHS016 Sexual Harassment Flowchart
OHS023 Visitors Policy (2020)
OHS024 Volunteers Policy (2020)

ICT003 Digital Technologies (Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices) (2020)


Schools' Privacy Policy
Information for Parents: Schools' Privacy Policy
Collection Statement



FIN005 Cash Handling Policy (2020)
FIN006 Electronic Funds Management Policy (2020)
Parent Payment Policy
FIN012 Refunds Policy (2020)