School Vision Statement and Values

Chelsea Heights Primary School’s Vision Statement:





At the beginning of each year students are introduced to or they revisit the Whole School Values and complete activities which develop their understanding of behaviours which support effective learning. Students are actively involved in the development of  their Class  Agreement, processes and procedures that underpin daily learning and clarity of expectation in both school work and social behaviours


Our whole school values were developed in consultation with teachers, students and parents. All members of the school community are aware of what Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation mean and the behaviours that support us to live these values as a member of Chelsea Heights Primary School.


Chelsea Heights Primary provides a supportive learning environment that equips our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become effective members of the community.


The values which underpin our actions are:


  • Look after self, others and environment.
  • Have and show consideration for other people; including other’s property, feelings, opinions and rights.
  • Have consideration and pride in yourself.
  • Treat others as you like to be treated.


  • Take on roles and tasks within the school environment.
  • Work productively in a friendly manner
  • Work coherently in a group or with a team
  • Work together towards a common goal.


  • Work, communicate effectively with others
  • Ownership of your own behaviour and learning
  • Care for the environment
  • Positive contributions to the community