Sensory Circuits

The sensory circuit program has been designed by an occupational therapist and is run by the integration team to assist students whose sensory processing is impacting on their participation in education.  Student’s ability to self-regulate can be assisted by the use of sensory supports, calming techniques and thinking strategies.  Sensory circuits include up to six students and are facilitated by two integration staff up to three times a week for 20 minutes.


SENSORY SUPPORTS: are tools to calm the nervous system so that students are better able to focus and attend.


CALMING TECHNIQUES:  are tools used to calm the mind and nervous system (e.g., breathing techniques, stretching, yoga).


THINKING STRATEGIES:  are supports used to assist students to understand their sensory processing and learn strategies to help them with self-regulation.  This includes the Zones of Regulation curriculum.


A combination of these supports and techniques are used during the sensory circuits to better equip our students to participate more positively and successfully in their learning.