Progress Reports

Progress reports will be available to families four times a year, one for every term. 


These reports are designed to give you regular updates on your child’s performance in their academic achievement, effort and behaviour across different units of work, in the form of a graph.


Progress reports differ from end of semester reports in that:

  • They provide a ‘snapshot’ about how your child is performing in key units of work, rather than against the whole curriculum in each learning area
  • They will show your child’s progress as graphs rather than comments
  • You will be able to see your child’s progress in different units of work, tracked over an entire year
  • You will be provided with the key skills/goals in each unit that teachers are reporting against

Progress reports will be given in the following areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Number and Algebra as well as Effort and Behaviour for Specialist subjects; Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Digital Technologies and Japanese.


We hope that progress reports spark conversation about your child’s learning – between parents/guardians, students and their teachers.


Effort and Behaviour:

As a school we see the importance of high student effort and positive behaviour in the classroom and how this affects their learning.  The progress reports give significance to these two areas and open the discussion between you and your child.  At Chelsea Heights Primary School, teachers encourage and assist children to be their own boss whether it’s of their behaviour, effort or learning.  We have developed a matrix to further explain effort and behaviour to inform teacher judgment and support conversations at home.


How to read Progress Reports:

At the top of each of the graphs you will see the curriculum area, e.g. Speaking and Listening. You will also see the Term it was marked in and can compare your child’s results each term as the year progresses.  For all units it will have the goals that the year level focused on for these assessments, remembering that this is a ‘snapshot’ of your child’s achievement rather than a progression point (such as in the semester reports).



Black Dot: Academic Achievement

(E): Effort bar graph

(B): Behaviour bar graph

Red: Well Below

Orange: Below

Light Green: At Level

Dark Green: Above

Blue: Well Above



Student Progress Reports can be accessed via the Sentral Parent Portal: