At CHPS we use the Writing Workshop model approach.  During the Writing Workshop, students are involved in a range of writing experiences including modelled, shared, and independent writing. 


 Within our Writing Workshops, teachers:


  • provide direct and explicit instruction in order to improve our students as writers
  • ensure students write across a range of genres and for different purposes
  • conference regularly with students and monitor student goals and progress
  • use consistent school-wide approaches including the 6+1 Traits, mentor texts and Writer’s Notebooks.


 Within our Writing Workshops, students:


  • should see themselves as writers
  • can use and benefit from professional writer’s habits and techniques
  • write for a purpose and find joy in writing
  • learn to write by writing



At CHPS, Writer’s Notebooks are an integral part of our Writing Workshop.  Writer’s Notebooks are a tool for students to use to record ideas or ‘seeds’ for things they might like to write about in the future.  The Notebook is not a drafting book, it is a place of low-risk, high comfort, where students can record entries, practise techniques and generate ideas.  Children write best about the things that are important to them and what they are interested in.  It is writing that comes from what they know and what they have experienced. 


The Writer’s Notebook is used at an individual level from Levels 3-6 and either whole class or introduced individually gradually from Foundation to Level 2.


Across a school year, students engage in a range of writing units that cover different genres. Within these units, students learn the different elements of quality writing through the 6 + 1 Traits. The 6 +1 Traits of writing are not a curriculum, rather a school-wide consistent language we use when talking about the qualities of writing.