Lunchtime Activities / Clubs

We provide quite an extensive list of clubs and support programs for our students which are based on their interests and needs. Students who are involved in these clubs are either determined by their teacher, by student choice or identified through our Yard Duty data. These programs include:

Kids Hope: Kids Hope is a mentoring program supported by World Vision Australia and run in Primary Schools. Trained mentors meet one to one with a child for one day a week at school. Activities can include: craft, educational games, sport, reading or academic work set by the teachers.

Mentored children show increased self-esteem, confidence and resilience resulting in being better adjusted socially and emotionally which can positively impact their academic progress at school. For further information about the program please visit:

Story Dogs is a fun and unique reading support program that improves children’s reading and communication skills by reading to a trained companion dog and its handler.

The Story Dogs program is primarily designed for students who have reading challenges, however students may be chosen to participate in the program as a reward or as an alternative reading activity.

Students will spend approximately 20 minutes with the Story Dog team once or twice per week. During the session the dog will be on its lead and with its handler at all times.

Lunchtime Club: The Lunchtime Club is offered daily to students who would benefit from a structured activity at lunchtime in the Green Zone.

The Integration team organise and run the activities which include: Art Therapy, iPads and Board Games.


Within this relaxed environment, students learn to work with peers and build friendships. Students look forward to the lunchtime club's activities resulting in improved self esteem and positive school engagement. These sessions are extremely popular!


CLICK HERE for a list of Lunchtime Clubs and Activities at CHPS in Term 3!