Chelsea Heights “Foundies” are having fun learning Japanese.

The Victorian Government has made a commitment to improve and extend language education. Chelsea Heights has introduced Japanese language classes—starting with Foundation in 2015.

I studied Japanese language here in Melbourne at high school and tertiary level which led to the opportunity to further my studies in Tokyo. I taught Japanese early on in my career at secondary level, and my knowledge of the Japanese language then assisted with me acquiring a job as flight attendant with Qantas for quite some years.

This year I have the privilege of teaching your Foundation children. If you are near their classrooms, you may hear them singing "Ichi, ni, san, means 1, 2 , 3 " or starting the lesson with a cheerful "konnichi wa" or hello.

Learning a second language early in life can help stimulate brain development, enhance English literacy skills, help improve memory, help overall improvement at school and encourage respect and understanding of other cultures. I encourage you to talk to your children about the greetings, words, culture and concepts that they will be learning about in the Japanese.

Starting early puts your child on track to seize a world of opportunities!


Deanna Wegman

Specialist Teacher of Japanese


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