Policy WEL013 - Community Helpers

POLICY NO.  WEL013  (Previously #84)    COMMUNITY HELPERS


Written by:  Lyn Wright

Date approved by School Council:  9/02/15

Reviewed by: J Satchwell & K Scott

Presented to Education Sub Committee:      10th November 2014




Community involvement in the school provides many advantages for students:

  • Promote the concept of the home – school partnership in the education of students

  • Increase community support and commitment to the school

  • Empower parents to establish support and commitment to the school

  • Give ownership of school policy, programs and activities to the school community

    However, helpers must comply with the school’s expectations and practices.




    • Chelsea Heights Primary School encourages the assistance of parent helpers in a wide variety of areas.

    • Invitations for parents to assist in the school’s programs will be regularly made via the school’s newsletter, excursion/incursion forms, e-mails or through personal contact.

    • All visitors to school must report to the office and sign in before moving around the school. They will be given a visitor’s identification badge which must be visible at all times whilst on school premises and returned to the office prior to leaving the school.

    • As a participant in the educational process, and in accordance with privacy laws, there is a requirement of complete confidentiality by all associated with the school in regard to student progress, student development, staff information and any other knowledge concerning other members of the school community

    • Community members assisting the school, and in matters outside the school, will be briefed by the teacher in charge as to their roles and responsibilities in the program or activity they are to be part of allowing for confident, interactive participation. At the same time matters of supervision and safety will also be discussed. 

    • Community members may participate in a range of activities

      - tutor small groups under teacher supervision

      - act as classroom or teachers’ aide

      - assist in library, art, music or sport

      - participate in the school’s sub committees e.g. Parents and Friends Association, School Council

    • Parent helpers will receive frequent feedback and reinforcement.

    • A ‘Working with Children Check‘ may be required depending upon the nature of the assistance being offered, for example camps and/or excursions (for more information refer to Policy #40 Working with Children Check)

    • Concerns relating to parent helpers should be addressed to the principal.  Parent helpers who are not reliable or do not meet the schools expectations will be required to relinquish their role.

    • A parent helper’s morning tea will be provided annually by staff and students in recognition of the contributions of all parent helpers and volunteers.

    Community helpers will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement



  • Increased involvement in programs throughout the school

  • Annual review of parent opinion and staff opinion of the school

  • This policy will be reviewed as part of the school’s three-year review cycle.


    Related Policies:

    Policy # 40 Working with Children Check



    Community Helpers Confidentiality Agreement


    I _____________________________________________________


    have read the Community Helpers Policy.


    I understand through my participation in school activities I may be privy to or acquire information concerning students, staff or community members.


    I agree to the request for strict confidentiality at all times with regard to my knowledge of information acquired during participation or assistance at school activities, programs or functions.


    I understand that a breach of this confidentiality will be viewed seriously and I may be asked to withdraw my assistance for a failure to maintain this standard.



    Signed: _________________________________________



    Date:  ___________________________________