At CHPS we teach sustainable practices that can be implemented both at school and home. Environmental education around recycling, composting and reducing waste takes place in the classroom and these practices are seen throughout our school.  Our school grounds have recently been replanted to reflect native Australian vegetation and support local wildlife. 


Nude Food  Day

Nude food day is every Wednesday and Thursday when students are encouraged to bring lunches without any disposable packaging.  Each week at assembly, there are awards given to the class with the most ‘nude food’ lunches from the previous week.  We are having great success with this program so far and finding that students are bringing in less rubbish throughout the week.


Vegetable Patch

The vegetable patch is developing well and the students who choose to participate are doing a great job maintaining it every Thursday lunch time.  We look forward to seeing the vegetables grow and sharing the produce with our school community when available.  If you can volunteer your time to assist us in the Vegetable Patch, please contact Mrs Tessa Horkings.