Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a concern or complaint?

The members of the Education Sub Committee of the CHPS School Council which includes both parents and staff developed our Concerns and Complaints Policy in 2009 and review it regularly. A copy of the flow chart which supports parents in their understanding of “who to go to for what” is displayed on all classrooms doors and published on our website. Concerns that result in a need for a change in or development of policy are addressed by the School Council.


Where can I access the school’s policies?

The school’s administrative policies are reviewed regularly by School Council and are published on the CHPS website. Education policies are revisited during the school’s four yearly formal review process which is overseen by a representative from the Department of Education and Training.


How does the school prevent bullying?

Driven by our Values Program, our students develop a clear understanding of Respect, Responsibility & Cooperation. They are supported to understand that bullying is defined as repeated incidences of physical or verbal abuse and exclusion. Many strategies are employed by the school to ensure that all children feel safe and included at school e.g. Restorative Justices.


Why should I join a parent committee?

Participating in School Council, the Education Sub Committee, the Buildings and Grounds Sub Committee, or Parents and Friends Association ensures that you have a voice in the maintenance, development and improvement of your child’s school.