2022 Foundation Parent Information Session

on Friday 15th October 2021 we held a 'live' information session for Parents of Students commencing Foundation at CHPS in 2022.

For those who were unable to attend the live session, please click on the image or link below to view a recording of the presentation:

2022 Foundation Parent Information Session_15th October 2021

You may also wish to access the slides here: CLICK HERE FOR SLIDES

During the presentation, the following questions were raised:
  • Is PMP run all through the year for all Foundation students?
    • Yes. PMP is organised by the Foundation team and our PE teacher Mr. Travis Stevenson. Sessions are run once a week and focus on key gross motor/fine motor skills. We are hoping to open PMP sessions to parent helpers in 2022.
  • Are you able to tell us how many classes there will be in Foundation next year and roughly how many children will be in each class please? (If this information is able to be shared.)
    • There will be 4 Foundation classes with the possibility of a multi-age Foundation/Level 1 class, depending on numbers and student need. Each Foundation class will have a maximum of 21 students.
  • Why would a child be selected to be in a multi-age class?
    • After discussion with parents a child would be selected for a multi-age F /1 based predominantly on their social capabilities and independence.
    • The term ’multi-age’ in its simplest form refers to a class comprised of children of different ages intentionally grouped for learning. Schools are one of the few places where our children are ‘batched’ by age. In other areas of life - outside school - which are interest based, our children are sorted in far broader age groups.  This is because children of the same age are not necessarily at the same stage of development. As parents you will be very aware of this. Even when watching the development of siblings. Your child may be advanced in one area – such as reading – and behind in another – such as math. Normal development takes place within a range (for example, reading skills develop anywhere from 3 years old to 6 years old), not at a specific age. This is similar to the stages of an infant’s development. Not all children begin crawling, walking or talking at the same numerical age and we would never expect all children to develop at the same time and within the same manner!
    • Parents and educators often question the benefits of a multi-age classroom versus a traditional age/grade classroom. There have been extensive studies supporting multi-age classrooms for innumerable reasons which include, but are not limited to children: learning at their own pace, thriving in an atmosphere dedicated to their needs, being viewed as an exclusive individual rather than grouped within a classroom of “age-appropriate” teachings, and increased confidence
    • The multi-age classroom also caters for: Independence in learning, interdependence in learning, cross-age relationships, collaborative learning, academic learning and the social needs of children.  It is a supportive environment in which diversity is celebrated, effective social skills are developed, where parents are involved, and learners respect the thoughts, experiences and interests of others.
    • The multi-age classroom provides children with greater opportunities for a wider range of relationships and social experiences and therefore promotes development of their social skills and cooperative behaviour.  The varied levels of social and emotional development found among children of different ages means they can be both supported by and supportive of one another.
  • How many multi-age groups are there going to be (across the school)?
    • There will be one Level 5/6 multi age class with the possibility of one Foundation/Level 1 class in 2022. 
  • Are there any opportunities to meet parents of Foundation students in advance of next year for play dates?
    • This is definitely something that we will keep in mind. We always encourage families to organise playdates during the holidays to help support transition to school. Depending on guidelines and restrictions, we will hopefully have some more concrete plans soon and will keep everyone posted.
  • Will you be sending out any information for children - e.g. teachers pictures/classroom images?
    • Absolutely! On Statewide Transition Day - Tuesday 7th December, your child will receive a take home pack which will include a social story. This social story will have photos of the classroom, teachers and much more. Your child will also receive a class photo with names and faces of all their 2022 classmates!