Parent Information Webinar 14th September 2021 - Trauma Informed Practices at CHPS

Participant feedback received after this session: 

"Extremely informative, passionate and moving presentation" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Our third and final CHPS parent community information webinar for Term 3, was focussed on how we support all students dealing with trauma.

Questions that were raised by participants in our "Trauma Informed Practices" webinar, were: 
  • Wouldn't Covid and repeat lockdowns be ongoing or cumulative?
  • In order to co-regulate, adults need to be able too regulate, which also depends on our own backgrounds. Is there training for teachers who may have experienced trauma themselves?
  • How do you explain to other children that these trauma affected children need help without divulging information?
  • As a parent it is so important that we teach our children how to be empathetic and as you mentioned no doubt we have all had that conversation about a child at school.  What is the best way to approach that conversation with our children to help them understand the behaviour of that child and what they are going through?

Answers to these questions are addressed in the webinar recording, which can be viewed below: