Parent Information Webinar 31st August 2021 - Welfare Processes and Disability Inclusion

This was the second in a series of three CHPS parent community information webinars covered during Term 3.

The aim of these sessions is to build the community understanding of what we do at CHPS and to provide our families with the opportunity to ask pertinent questions.

Questions that were raised by participants in our "Welfare Processes and Disability Inclusion" webinar, were: 

  • Do you require new Foundation students to be assessed prior to starting school or once they start school?
  • Is there a plan to have a Psychologist at school at some point?
  • With Occupational Therapy (OT), is there a certain criteria for children to access this?
  • If we are utilising OT externally, will it also be available to us at school? 
  • Will this Tier 2 funding be used to limit the sharing of integration aids between children who are not funded versus who the funding is provided for?
  • Will our school look at multi-sensory language therapy?

Answers to these questions are addressed in the webinar recording, which can be viewed below: