Parent Information Webinar 20th July 2021 - The Behaviour Process at CHPS

This information session was part of a series of three covered during Term 3. The focus is to address Parents’ understanding of whole school initiatives and processes at Chelsea Heights Primary School.

Throughout 2021, CHPS will be running a series of evening information sessions via Webex covering wellbeing, welfare and academic processes and programs at CHPS.

The sessions will run between 6:00pm and 7:00pm with a presentation followed by a Q&A online where parents can ask questions and staff will answer them.

Sessions will be recorded and uploaded to this space and any facts, resources or relevant documentation will be shared with the school community.

The aim of these sessions is to build the community understanding of what we do at CHPS and to provide our families with the opportunity to ask pertinent questions.

Questions that were raised by participants in our "Behaviour Process" webinar, were: 

  • Why are there only behavioural plans for children that have a diagnosis & not for children that also have struggles? 
  • At what point are parents/carers informed of incidents and any resolution?
  • What constitutes an external suspension. Is it degree of incident or repeated behaviour?
  • How does one measure an external suspension where kids spend the day at the skatepark vs internal suspension?
  • At what stage, or how many events by the same person, are the 3Rs considered ineffective, and what actions are then taken?
  • What support do you offer children who don’t understand emotions or how to manage/regulate their own?

Answers to these questions are addressed in the webinar recording, which can be viewed below: 


Click here to view the DET Procedures for Suspension

Click here to view the DET Suspension Process Flowchart