Marine Ambassadors Dolphin Tour!

On Monday 22nd February 2021, our Student "Marine Ambassadors" Leaders experienced an amazing day on board the Moon Raker, exploring Port Phillip Bay...

Hi, I’m Abby, this is Keanan, Constantin and James. We are the 2021 Marine Ambassadors and today, we’re going to talk about our excursion to Port Phillip Bay.

We had an early start to the day as we had or get to school by 8:00 am! When we got to Sorrento we waited on the pier for the Moon Raker to arrive, it’s a boat that takes dolphin tours twice a day! While we were waiting on the pier we saw about three schools of fish, one stingray and a lot of seaweed! Before we hopped on the boat we had to get geared up with flippers and a wetsuit. 

Our first stop was Chinaman’s Hat, that’s where the brown fur seals were hanging out. They gave us snorkels and we hopped in the very clear water! The seals were hilarious falling off the hat and climbing over each other. After we got back on the boat they gave us hot chocolate and cookies!

On our second swim we went to look for weedy sea dragons, we slipped into the water. When I got in I caught a small seahorse! But we had bad luck finding the weedy sea dragons. Instead of weedy sea dragons we saw 2 stingrays a green rad, a type of fish, and what we think is an eel.

After the weedy sea dragon swim, we got changed to go home. We were disappointed that we didn’t see the dolphins but as we were about to get back, the fins punctured the surface and the dolphins swam under and next to the boat and every one ran to the front. We were thrilled! Some were small and some were massive. After the dolphin madness we got back to the pier and went back to school. We wanted to stay longer but we had to go.

Abby: The bit I most enjoyed was searching for weedy sea dragons and watching the seals!

Keanan: The whole day was amazing! If I had to choose a best part, it was searching for the weedy sea dragons! But the seals were really funny! 

Constantin: My favourite part was searching for the weedy sea dragons

James: If I had to choose a favourite part it would be the seals/dolphins.

We look forward to working with the school this year to promote sustainability, here is a video of our day!