Guess Who?

Can you spot our Principal, Teachers, Integration Aides and Office Staff?

See how many you can guess correctly... 

If you need a hint...! 
Front Row: Mrs Brown, Miss Williams, Mr Duncan, Miss Tesone, Miss Thomas, Mr Jackson, Ms Satchwell, Miss Garrow, Ms Schmidt, Miss Sharon, Mrs Dower, Mr McPhee and Mrs Reiffel

Row 2: Ms Brown, Mrs Atkins, Mrs Heazelwood, Mrs Wegman, Mr Stevenson, Mrs Porter, Mrs Neo, Miss Foley, Miss Hargreaves, Mrs Bryan, Mrs Sonogan and Mr Ireson

Row 3: Miss Yule, Miss Simpson, Mrs M, Mrs Maggio, Mrs McDonald, Ms Allsep, Miss Wilson, Mrs Johannsen, Mrs Lee, Ms James, Ms Steel and Mrs Lowe.

Back Row: Ms Peacock, Megan Taylor, Mrs Foster, Mrs Horkings, Mrs Harry, Mrs Hattingh, Mrs Burli, Mrs Young, Mr Shiell and Mr Tudball