COVID-19 Update - Remote Learning in Term 2 2020

Term 2 officially commenced on Wednesday 15th April, with the launch of CHPS Remote Learning!

As we navigate the many unprecedented changes that remote learning brings, we are grateful for the extraordinary efforts of our staff in developing an online learning platform for our students at incredibly short notice.

CHPS remote learning has been designed with a user-friendly interface that will make it as easy as possible for students to continue to develop the knowledge and skills expected for their year level & individual abilities and to achieve an adequate balance between academic, creative and physical activities, ensuring continuity of learning during this time. 

We acknowledge that all children learn differently and have different needs and levels of self motivation. We also understand that parents/carers are under higher than normal levels of pressure to juggle working from home (or working in an essential services role in the community), assisting their children with schooling as well as caring for elderly or vulnerable loved ones. 

Remember we are all in this together, and as a school community we are committed to supporting each other - from a distance! - in any way we can and for however long it takes.  The wellbeing of staff, students and families is our priority.

Please don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or the school at if you require any assistance.

*PARENTS/CARERS* pease keep sharing images of your children and the amazing work they are producing at home, we are so proud of their efforts and will be sharing pictures and positive stories here on the "Recent News" page of our website regularly - watch this space!

McCarthy boys   

Below is some feedback on first impressions of CHPS Remote Learning that we have received from our wonderful parent community so far...

“You guys should be really proud of how quickly you have had to adapt and get the new format of learning all up and running. Well done!”

“Thank you so much for your email! I really appreciate you reaching out and creating such a proactive learning environment!”

“[Student] absolutely loved the video of all the teachers! Such a clever video and a great insight into what you are all up to at home“

"We survived our first day (just!!!) and I think all the parents will be presenting teachers with medals when school eventually goes back.  The website is great, I hope all of your feedback has been positive.  Usability is excellent, great font size and easy to navigate menus, we don’t need to worry about passwords and I hope that even parents who are not tech savvy haven’t had too many questions about how to work through it.  The simplicity of it makes it perfect.  The video of the teachers was absolute genius, it was the first thing I showed them this morning and they were actually excited to start schooling after being reminded of what the teachers looked like – and could see that they were having fun." 

"Thanks for making it so easy, you have done a great job with something that was undoubtedly daunting"

"Thank you [Teacher]!! You, the [Grade level] team and the whole of the school staff have done a great job setting things up (in such little time). I (and no doubt all the other parents) appreciate the gentle start to the home schooling term - so many of my friends at other schools have been battling with school logins whilst also trying to teach their kids today. CHPS seem to have got it right!! Just wanted to pass on some appreciation!"