Chelsea Heights Primary School recognised for outstanding NAPLAN Achievement

In May 2019, our Principal Ms Jane Satchwell was thrilled to receive an email from Simon Hamilton who is the Victorian Department of Education and Training, Area Executive Director for the Bayside Peninsula Region. 

Simon was reaching out because he had been advised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), that Chelsea Heights Primary School was identified as having demonstrated substantially above average gain in 2018 NAPLAN achievement. 

Simon explained that this is a significant achievement, with few schools achieving this level of recognition within the Bayside Peninsula Area, which provides for over 86,000 students.  Simon stated that the quality of our teaching progam is clearly evident, given the outstanding results demonstrated, and he wanted to ensure that our Staff were thanked on his behalf, for their concerted efforts.

We are incredibly proud to receive such considerable recognition. It is a credit to our Staff in their committment to improving outcomes for students attending our school.