Outstanding Primary Principal Award to Jane Satchwell

Congratulations to our amazing Principal on her recent award - Outstanding Primary Principal. 

In July this year Jane was notified that she was shortlisted as a finalist for the Outstanding Primary Principal for the Victorian Education Excellence Awards (Top 4). At the recent awards night, Jane was announced the Outstanding Primary Principal of the Year for 2018. She absolutely deserves this award and we are exceptionally proud of her. Being a Principal is a challenging job and what Jane has been able to achieve in her time is unbelievable. This is an excerpt from her nomination and link to the associated video which also features a number of our students:


Chelsea Heights Primary School principal Jane Satchwell says she is proud of her journey with the school community to achieve her vision: 'High Standards, High Expectations'. The vision aims for clarity and simplicity. It ensures strong understanding and application across the whole school.

Jane took the school from disadvantage to creating a culture where everybody believes that all students can succeed.  Data indicated a need for the school to change its social climate. The first challenge was to transform the belief that demographics led to low performance.

Jane led a whole-school transition guided by the Professional Learning Communities' core principles. She enhanced staff collaboration, community cohesion and student-centred learning.

To achieve new targets for student success, Jane developed a learning environment that was safe and conducive to learning. This includes clear and focused teaching instructions with frequent monitoring and intervention. The results have been outstanding.

Over Jane's eight years with Chelsea Heights Primary School, the culture has changed. Before, the school was underperforming and reactive. Today, the school is collaborative, professional and adaptive to changing educational needs.

The school has achieved and sustained medium to high literacy and numeracy growth. Student behaviour has significantly improved. The school culture promotes inclusion and collective responsibility to support all student achievement.

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Password: VEEA

Pia Licciardo
Assistant Principal