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Welcome Back!

Welcome to 2017! We have hit the ground running in the Middle School and everyone has settled very well. The climate has been established in the first two weeks and the curriculum is already well underway. We look forward to what the rest of the year has in store for us.



A big congratulations to all students who have been involved in the 2017 swimming program.  The students have learned a number of different swimming strokes including freestyle and backstroke and learned to dive into the pool from the edge.

Starting in week 5, all Middle School students will be involved in a T-Ball program.  Good luck to all and have fun!



We have started this year with our unit on Place Value. This unit will ensure all students can read and write large numbers and understand their value. We have undertaken a number of hands on activities and been able to partition and represent numbers in many ways.  It is important to practise reading large numbers at home, try saying them when you see large numbers around such as in the news or stories you are reading together.



In Writing this term, students have been coming up with ways to add extra detail to their recounts. This has involved them brainstorming the senses and coming up with descriptive words for what they see, hear, smell, taste or feel. They have also been adding some words for their thoughts, how things are said, how they might feel on the inside and for certain actions.

Recounts planned for and written so far have been on personal topics such as ‘The best day ever,’ ‘My life – the important bits’ and ‘My most embarrassing moment.’ Students are following a Recount structure and able to plan the orientation, sequence of events followed by a conclusion.

Text features of a Recount such as action verbs, past tense, first or third person writing and connectives are modelled to students before they independently write. Editing and revising play a large part in the writing process. At this stage, students use a self-assessment levelled booklet and a peer assessment rubric. They highlight their interesting vocabulary, connectives, ‘hook-in’ openers and appropriate punctuation.



In Reading, we have been discussing different strategies we can use when we get stuck on a difficult concept or when we have forgotten what is happening in the story. It is important to understand what we are reading and not focus solely on reading the words correctly.  When reading with your child at home, it is a good idea to:

1. Stop periodically to ask what the story is about and what happened. Do this a few times throughout the story.

2. When reading to your child, stop and get them to practise checking for understanding.

3. Ask your child about what is happening? Who did we read about? Do you understand what you read? What do you do if you don’t remember?

Thank you for your support!


Inquiry Topic

This term in our Integrated unit, the students have been learning about the community and who is involved. We have learned about the local and CHPS school community and what makes it successful.  The Integrated topic about the community will continue until Week 6 where we will move into our Science unit titled ‘Feathers, fur or leaves.’


Play Is The Way

Middle school students have been participating in the Play Is The Way program since the first week back at school and are having a blast!  Play Is The Way assists students to build resilience, courage and try their personal best. This will help the students to be more aware of themselves and others both in and outside of the classroom. During the ‘Setting the Climate’ introduction to 2017, a focus was on the posters and circle times were conducted to ensure everyone has fun and learns from the experience.


The PFA are still looking for parent volunteers to help out during the School Fete on Sunday 19th March. If you are available, even if just for one hour, that would be great.  Thank you!



The Middle Sub School Team

Paula Baker, Di Schmidt, John Shiell, Donna Tesone, Gemma Hayes and Marianna Caffyn








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