Junior Sub School (Level 1 & 2)

The Junior School Team would like to welcome back all of the parents and caregivers of the 2017 junior school students and extend a big welcome to the new families joining us this year. We have an exciting year ahead!


Setting the Climate

Setting the Climate was a focus within the Junior Sub School for the first eight days of the term. The students and teachers worked collaboratively to decide on classroom values, processes and Wilson McCaskill Play is the Way introductions.

Classroom values are the central focus of our behaviour expectations in the classroom and have been designed by the students with clear reasons behind them. Every student had input and was able to develop a reason for why this value was important to them and why they felt it should be important to the class collectively.

Processes within the classroom are vital for a smooth running day. Through Setting the Climate, students were able to design and practise these processes so that learning could be the central focus for the year.

Wilson McCaskill’s Play is the Way key concepts are inbuilt in everything we do at Chelsea Heights Primary School and it was essential we embedded this within our period of Setting the Climate. We focused on all six key concepts;

  • Treat others as you would like them to treat you,
  • Be brave – Participate to progress,
  • Pursue your personal best no matter who you work with,
  • Have reasons for the things you say and do,
  • It takes great strength to be sensible and
  • Be the master not the victim of your feelings.


The Junior School team has been very busy in our Maths unit so far. At the beginning of this term we have been focusing on ‘Time’. Students have been investigating the differences between analogue and digital clocks. Using these different clocks, students have also been able to identify o’clock and half past times. We are now beginning to learn more about quarter past and quarter to. You can ask your child to read the time or even make the time on an analogue or digital clock. The more practice the better they become!



The current writing genre we are focusing on in the junior school is Recount writing. We are learning to write recounts of events that happen in our lives using the appropriate structure.  This structure includes a title, orientation, events in the order they occurred, and a conclusion which includes our thoughts and feelings about the event. We are trying to include as much detail as possible into our writing to make it more interesting, and we are using our THRASS charts to help with spelling.


Daily 5

Our Daily 5 and CAFÉ implementation is underway for 2017 and the students have shown wonderful enthusiasm towards the program. They are determined to build their reading and writing stamina. It has been wonderful hearing and seeing them use the language and strategies they learnt last year . The initial focus has been on establishing processes for each of the Daily 5 areas, explicitly teaching CAFÉ reading strategies through focus lessons, as well as selecting Good Fit books via the IPICK strategy. Some strategies you could focus on at home are:

Check for Understanding: Students stop frequently and check whether they understand what they are reading. You can support this learning by having your child stop reading at the end of each page/chapter and ask them “Who did you just read about and what happened?”

Cross Checking: students cross check their reading to the words, pictures and context. You can support the learning by encouraging your child to cross check their reading by asking “Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?”



This term, the Level 1/2’s Science topic is ‘All Mixed Up’, which focuses on Chemical Science through study of mixtures. Students will learn about different purposes of mixtures, ranging from the tasty textures combinations created by chefs to the useful mixtures developed by scientists. Students will investigate materials that do not mix and others that are difficult to separate. Through experiments, students will explore how quantities of ingredients can alter the properties of a mixture.          



Over the last two weeks the Junior School students have been enjoying their daily swimming lessons. After being rained out on our very first day, we eagerly headed off last Tuesday for our first session. Since then we have walked, swam and walked back again every day. The children have become very efficient at organising themselves for the start of the lesson and have shown great independence in dressing themselves and collecting all their belongings afterwards. We are sure that there have been many tired little people at the end of the day at home but well worth it, as learning to swim is an important life skill. We would like to thank Mr Stevenson for all his hard work in organising the groups and the timetable that has helped us to run this program so smoothly.

We look forward to a fantastic year ahead!


The Junior Sub School Team

Angelique Lowe, Alec McPhee, Emily Neo, Emily White, Megan Thomas and Helen Farr

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