Yarn Art Project Blog Post 4, 4th September 2014 - Art Show

Our fish weaving Art Show activity was a huge success on the night!

We managed to complete over half the school of fish - with many of the remaining fish started on.


A huge THANK YOU to all of you who participated, we hope you had fun, and maybe even picked up a new skill!


 Yarn Art Art Show photo1             Yarn Art Art Show photo 2


Meanwhile, our Monday lunchtime activity club is coasting along creating more jellyfish, stitching knitted and crochet squares onto the legs for our octopus and weaving the fish that were left over from the Art Show night (we did miss our wonderful Level 4’s though, who were away having fun at camp!)

Yarn Art Art Show photo 3              Yarn Art Art show photo 4 

A lovely Chelsea local has been crocheting for all the schools involved in the Yarn Art Project- she has donated these chains for us to use -THANKYOU!!!



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